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Charlie Dominguez

Charlie Dominguez

CEO, ChkM8

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to share my ratings before getting to see someone else's, and vice versa?

Yes, and no, depending on how you go about collecting / viewing ratings.

MeetUp feature: Once the verification code is sent, both parties receive each others’ most current Safety Ratings. Once each user views the Safety Rating and Rates Given History chart, each party has the opportunity to confirm that the MeetUp is still on, and upon mutual confirmation, the app will lock in the invite to rate.

LockBox feature: The user has the option of which of the three ratings to share, so in this instance, the answer would be no. The owner of the LockBox displays their ratings but at this point does not get to see the other user’s ratings.

What if the other person doesn’t have any ratings yet, or if they don’t have ChkM8 downloaded?

Until an accurate composite rating is determined (whether it be due to not enough ratings or recently downloading the app), a user’s rating will be shown as Pending. This indicates, at a minimum, that the user doesn’t have a poor rating.

How do I use the LockBox feature?

The LockBox feature is designed to allow a ChkM8 user to promote their ratings on their social media profiles. When a user provides their Lockbox code, it allows one-time access to the owner’s ChkM8 ratings.

Any ChkM8 user can access a LockBox when a code is provided. The Static LockBox option provides the user the option to list the static code on their social media profile as a way of letting other ChkM8 users view their ratings without another user having to ask.

How do I remove “pending” from my ratings?

As a measure of fairness, the ChkM8 system is programmed to require at least three ratings before dropping the verbiage “pending”. This allows for higher anonymity for all parties, as well as diminishing the possibility of one users’ ratings to unfairly influence your composite rating.

How can I be sure that the ratings I submit remain anonymous?

here are a few ways ChkM8 ensures anonymity within our app.

  1. ChkM8 only requires your cell phone number and your gender for registration – nothing is tied to your name. Your phone number allows us to verify your identity, and Identifying your gender allows us to filter safety ratings for you.
  2. The app provides a window of time before sending the rating screens after your MeetUp is completed, however, there is an option for Rate Now, for users that wish to do so immediately. The choice to delay allows for a higher level of anonymity.
  3. Any user’s rating scores are based only on a composite score, so scores cannot be directly attributed to your specific rating. The algorithm is set so that should any score reflect a sudden change to the composite rating, then the algorithm will hold and blend your rating with several to prevent a user from knowing how one score affected any changes to their overall ratings.

For more information about privacy and anonymity, check out our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Can any ChkM8 user rate me?

No. A user can only rate another user when an invitation to rate has been sent and responded to with an agreement to MeetUp. Schedule the Rating option carries more weight than the Rate Now option, so when you feel that you can trust another to be completely honest, then a Schedule Rating is most effective to your overall composite scoring.

Using the LockBox feature allows users to share their Integrity and Likeability ratings if they so choose. It is fully up to ChkM8 users to decide who sees their ratings and who rates them.

What if someone rates me unsafe and I disagree with their rating?

The ratings are composite, so it is very difficult, if not impossible, to determine where any rating originated. When a user extends or accepts an invitation to MeetUp, both users should understand the consequence of allowing their rating scores to be affected.

The acceptance of “consequence” is what keeps both users safe from unacceptable behavior. ChkM8 is a Reputation Management system and in order to ensure privacy and anonymity, the ratings must be kept indistinguishable using algorithms designed for the specific reason of anonymity. There is no ability to distinguish what ratings are being given by any individual user.

Can someone leave feedback in addition to a rating?

Yes and no. ChkM8 was built on the foundation of safety and anonymity, so to protect that, we do not allow anyone to add comments, send messages, or leave written reviews with their ratings. ChkM8 does, however, offer optional Reasons for the Rate feature to help users provide more information.

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