ChkM8. It’s Who You Are.

In today’s world, you spend so much time vetting someone just to be catfished or ghosted. Get the most out of your time with the people in your life through ChkM8.

ChkM8 is the first and only service of its kind that allows you to promote yourself to other people by exchanging a short series of composite ratings. Within this app, ratings are based on scoring provided by users who you invited to rate yourself after your previous MeetUps. ChkM8 removes any bias or pressure in order to allow ratings to be as accurate and honest as possible. You are in control of who gets to see your ratings and who gets to rate you. No ratings can be seen or given without an invite.

As more and more of our everyday activities take place online, many users are looking to engage with others in the real world. For most, online reviews and verified profiles on dating sites provide some peace of mind but they can introduce a range of problems. On a dating site, users can write anything they want about themselves without accountability. On an online review site, businesses are at the mercy of unreliable customers writing untruthful reviews. ChkM8 is the rating system where all ratings are based on users’ real experiences with other users and there is no censorship or misrepresentation. 

What ChkM8 Provides


Have you ever wished you had a “6th sense” to tell if someone was dangerous? It’s true that looking at social media profiles can be useful, but what happens if someone is hiding their identity? Or worse — they aren’t real! In the case of online dating, this can make the situation even more dangerous. With ChkM8 you’ll be able to tell if the person you are meeting with is genuine. We created the safety rating to give you peace of mind when meeting new people.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could quickly and easily verify that someone is who they say they are? ChkM8 can provide you with the peace of mind that the people you MeetUp with are the real deal. No more catfishing, no more hours spent vetting someone through various social media profiles and Google searches. You’ll be able to make sure someone is who they say they are within seconds. You’ll also be able to put forward your own good reputation.


ChkM8 is 100% anonymous which means nobody will know you gave that one star likeability rating to your ex or that fantastic complete 5 star rating of your new boyfriend. Nobody will be able to know what rating you give them as there is nothing to tie them to you. We only ask for your valid phone number and your gender. Data harvesting is not our thing, so no form of data will be used by or sold to anyone.

Is ChkM8 right for you?

Are you done with the flakes and fakes? Done with wasting hours finding a match only to be catfished?

ChkM8’s Integrity Rating lets you know up-front that the person you are interested in is for real. 

Can’t get the matches you want because your profile isn’t perfect or you don’t have the professional pics to show?

ChkM8 allows you to stand-out by letting others know you are fun, likable, and most importantly safe and respectful.

Are you using more than one app to meet others?

ChkM8 works across all platforms as the app is independent and allows users to share their ratings with anyone using any app.

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